Work in developmental neurobiology has shown that the experience of positive emotions plays a critical role in infant growth and neurological development, which has enormous consequences for later life. Research on adults has documented a wide array of effects that positive emotions have on cognitive processing, behavior, health and well-being. 37 Positive emotions have been found to broaden the scope of perception, cognition and behavior,38-41 thus enhancing creativity and intuition42. Moreover, the experience of frequent positive emotions can undo the effects of negative emotions and has been shown to predict resilience and psychological growth.43 By intentionally making internal adjustments, individuals can selfmanage their feelings to inhibit poor behavioral responses, re-establish stability and improve health and relationships.5 The way to interrupt a self-defeating cycle is to introduce dynamic new patterns (efficient heart-rhythm patterns) through positive emotional shifts and to reinforce them until they become familiar, thus establishing a new efficient and effective psychophysiological reference pattern. This new pattern is established by what we will call emotional restructuring techniques. Throughout this manual, we will refer to this preferred psychophysiological pattern as coherent and that a client is achieving psychophysiological coherence.



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