What is the Buteyko Method?

One of the important findings of our research is that changes in the heart’s rhythmic patterns can also be intentionally generated. This shift is one of the physiological correlates of using the HeartMath positive emotion-based, coherence-building techniques which combine an intentional shift in attention to the physical area of the heart with the self-induction of a positive emotional state. We have found that this process rapidly initiates a distinct shift to increased coherence in the heart’s rhythms. This, in turn, results in a change in the pattern of afferent cardiac signals sent to the brain, which serves to reinforce the self-generated positive emotional shift, making it easier to sustain.

Through the consistent use of the coherence-building techniques, the coupling between the psychophysiological coherence mode and positive emotion is further reinforced. This subsequently strengthens the ability of a positive feeling shift to initiate a beneficial physiological shift toward increased coherence, or a physiological shift to facilitate the experience of a positive emotion. While the process of activating the psychophysiological coherence mode clearly leads to immediate benefits by helping transform stress in the moment it is experienced, it also can contribute to long-term improvements in emotion-regulation abilities and emotional wellThe goal of most therapies is to facilitate change from a symptomatic and less desirable state to a less symptomatic and more desirable state. The HeartMath approach is unique in that it focuses on establishing a new physiological baseline by targeting the primary source of the disorder44. Once a client establishes a stable, new psychophysiological baseline pattern, his or her nervous system will strive to maintain a match with the new pattern5 . Once a new baseline is established, self-regulation becomes an automatic response, which is the key step in enabling long-term behavioral change. ©2008, 2017 HeartMath 29 HeartMath Interventions being that ultimately affect many aspects of one’s life. This is because each time individuals intentionally self-generate a state of psychophysiological coherence, the “new” coherent patterns – and “new” repertoires for responding to challenges – are reinforced in the neural architecture. With consistency of practice, these patterns become increasingly familiar to the brain. Thus, through a feed-forward process, these new, healthy patterns become established as a new baseline or reference, which the system then strives to maintain. It is in this way that the HeartMath System facilitates a restructuring process, whereby the maladaptive patterns that underlie the experience of stress are progressively replaced by healthier physiological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral patterns as the “automatic” or familiar way of being.



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