Positive Emotions and Heart Coherence 

Scientists found that the best marker to reflect our emotional states is heart-rhythm pattern. Emotions such as frustration, anger, anxiety and worry (that we usually label “negative”) lead to heart-rhythm patterns that appear highly variable and erratic. These ‘incoherent’ patterns decreased synchronization and resilience within the autonomic nervous system to respond efficiently to stress. In this incoherent state, our higher brain center is inhibited by the nervous system within the heart and our mental function, ability to make ? decision become limited. When this state prolongs, our physical, emotional and mental energy become depleted.


On the other hands, positive emotions such as appreciation, love, care and compassion generate a smooth, sine-wave like pattern in the heart’s rhythms. This pattern is called coherent heart-rhythm and facilitates higher brain function and improve self-regulatory capacity against stressful situations. Coherent heart rhythms and positive emotions have been shown to enhance the immune response, improve the function of hormonal and nervous system and alleviate pain. Good news is that we can intentionally create this heart coherence within our body by generating heart-felt positive emotions through ‘coherence-building’ techniques of HeartMath.

Heartfelt Positive Emotions

Intentionally generate positive emotions such as love, care, appreciation and gratitude by HeartMath techniques



Create coherent (smooth & ordered) heart-rhythm pattern to shift stress response and emotional exhaustion into resilience and vitality    

Cortical Facilitation

Improve physical and mental performance, and enhance emotional self-regulatory capacity

New Baseline of Happiness

Establish a new baseline of mental flexibility, physical resilience and emotional self-regulation



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