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Natural Solution for Busy Moms

Transform Burnout & Overwhelm

to Resilience & Joy


the most beautiful moms like you...

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Mother and Daughter


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Begin your journey to RESILIENCE & JOY

with these 3 simple steps you can take TODAY!!

STEP 1. Establish the Fundamentals of Health

- Rhythm/Routine

- Optimal Breathing

- Movement

- Time Management

- Decision Making

STEP 2. Create the Right Environment for Healing

- Physical Detox

- Emotional Detox

- Mental Detox

STEP 3. Rebalance the Internal Organs

- Digestive System

- Hormonal System

- Nervous System

STEP 4. Supercharge our Batteries! 

- Buteyko Breathing Retraining

- HeartMath Interventions

- Mindfulness Meditation

STEP 5. Embark Deeper Healing

- resolve emotional trauma

- Rubimed Therapy




without asking you to RELAX!

From the moment you gave birth to your child whether it was physical or emotional, you are going to be a mom for the rest of your life. When I gave birth to my first child, my mother-in-law told (or rather warned) me that I will never go into 100% deep sleep as I did before I became a mom. And that has been true and I am sure it is true to a lot of us moms.

We moms often hear that we need to relax. But we are fighting against time. We feel like we don't have enough time because we have so many things to do and so many people to take care of. I get it. We moms just can't find time for ourselves UNTIl we're really falling apart and affecting everyone around us including our most beloved people. We feel judged and feel sad that no one understands us anymore. We love our family yet we find ourselves getting impatient and irritable with all the demands of life. 

We cannot and won't run away from our responsibilities because we're moms who care. So here's the solution I found for myself and for countless patients I work with who have fatigue, brain fog, mood swings and deteriorating health due to stress and burnout.

  • Identify the sources of energy leaks & plug them!                                          (physical and functional imbalances) 

  • Establish Foundations of Health

    (breathing, sleep, routine)

  • Utilize Intelligent Energy Management System (emotional self-regulation)

  • Heal deep emotional traumas and reset the baseline of happiness

I'd like to offer you a solution that will help you become RESILIENT through my signature program the Radiant You. When you're resilient, you are alert, focused and calm at the same time. Relaxation is good at the end of the day. But you need resilience if you want to......



My name is Hyun Jung Oh and I'm a Naturopathic Doctor. I truly believe that a mother is the most important pillar of every family and every society. I've worked with many women and children over the years as a Naturopathic Doctor and I realized the way I can make the biggest impact in our society is to support a mom like you in your journey to resilience, joy and purpose. 

I'm here to teach you simple and practical tools to restore energy, regain mental clarity and stay resilient in the midst of stressful life. I want you to perform optimally in your personal, familiar and professional life. Join me. I'll walk with you through the journey to transform burnout to joy. Soon, you will find you're passing these essential life skills onto your children so that they can also shine through the stress of life with joy.


Radiant You Program

Do you know that you are already shining and radiant at your core? Radiant You Program will take you step-by-step through the journey to rediscover your strength, mental clarity and joy.  

“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

                                                             ― Jon Kabat-Zinn