Mother and Daughter Love

Transform Mommy Burnout

   to Resilience & Joy

and share it with your loved ones

in these difficult times

Hi there,

Are you stressed, exhausted, irritable, anxious and stay awake in bed worrying about things? Do you jump out of bed regardless of your sluggishness to check off all the things you need to do in the day? Do you feel lost and feel like you are a completely different person than before?

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place.


My name is Hyun Jung Oh and I am a Naturopathic Doctor. My passion is to work with tired, overwhelmed and caring moms who put their loved ones first before them.


Stress is everywhere and it is not sustainable to toughen through the stressful times thinking that it will get better soon. We need good (really good) tools to manage daily stress and actively improve our resilience in the face of stress to stay healthy and happy.

I'm here to give you those tools that will work best for you. Physically, I want you to regain your strength and energy. Emotionally, I want you to become resilient and joyful in the face of stress. Mentally, I want you to stay sharp and perform well at work. And most of all, I want you to find your purpose in life so that you don't feel lost anymore. 

My bigger mission in working with mothers is to pass these vital tools to our kids and all the generations that will come. We moms are the most influential and best teacher for our kids. When you master these important tools and can become resilient and joyful, you can teach them to your kids and loved ones so that they can 

My name is HyunJung Oh and I’m a Naturopathic Doctor. I’m here to provide you with natural solutions to help you to transform your old stress patterns into resilience, confidence and joy. I really want you to thrive and shine in the midst of unknown and changes by becoming agile and adaptable like when you were a little kid!

Why don't you join me to transform your burnout and stress into resilience and joy to shine through burnout and stress?

Steps to Resilience & Joy



Please take advantage of this free 20 min appointment to learn about my services in detail and see if this is what you're looking for!

Initial Assessment

I'll learn about your chief concerns in detail, personal & family medical history and  review all the systems of the body. I'll also perform physical exam and functional assessments checking your breathing pattern, measuring your heart rhythm pattern and the current level of resilience. 

Goal Setting/3 Month Plan

2 weeks after your initial appointment, I'll present you with a treatment blueprint for 3-6 months with specific milestones to hit to elicit positive outcomes. We'll set the very tangible and realistic goals for those milestones. 

Take your health

to the next level

You will be at a point where you have specific stress management tools you are utilizing every day and understand your stress reactions. It's time to share these skills with your loved ones and shine through the stres slife brings you.  

Female Surfer

“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

                                                             ― Jon Kabat-Zinn

Let's Transform Mommy Burnout

to Resilience & Joy

and pass it onto our next generation!

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